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For more than a decade, Balslev A/S has been consulting Rail Net Denmark regarding electrotechnical projects and performing measuring tasks in connection with equipo-tential bonding and stray currents. Since 2010, when the concept of BPU-areas was defined, Balslev has been involved in projects aimed towards establishing BPU-areas, where needed.

The projects are typically comprised of a thorough exam-ination of all existing installations. Findings are then in-cluded in detailed tender documents, which describes all recommended changes and additions to make in the installation, to be in accordance with the newest standards and requirements.

The works in connection with the establishment of a BPU-area typically include:

  • Design and establishment of a coherent equipo-tential bonding system, which can include ex-posed conductive parts not directly belonging to the railway.
  • Review of the return circuit and connections made to it.
  • Installation of VLD-O (incl. monitoring) between the return circuit and equipotential bonding system.
  • Conversion of connections to grounding plates and return current drainage bonds for the over-head contact system, as to not compromise the new BPU-area.
  • Change of grounding system for low voltage switchgear and installations.
  • Separation of grounding system in the distribu-tion substations e.g. 10/0.4 kV.
  • Incorporation of isolating joints in metallic struc-tures e.g. fences etc.
  • Incorporation of isolation couplings in pipeline for gas, water and district heating.

The services that Balslev provides, includes all phases of a project, from feasibility studies and tender documents to technical supervision and documentation/update of documentation.
Balslev have been involved in projects concerning equipo-tential bonding on more than 80 S-train stations and executed and supervised BPU-area projects specifically at more than 10 locations.

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