Electrical building installations

When designing electrical installations we have a constant focus on functionality, design and energy saving. We also involve users from the start to ensure that our solutions meet their expectations.

A way to obtain considerable energy savings in buildings is through automation and central management of the systems for lighting, heat and installation plus through implementation of solar energy.

Balslev possess long experience within consultancy related to electrical installations for all types of buildings and facilities:

  • Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities
  • Schools, hospitals and other public institutions
  • Office and administration
  • Residential buildings
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Facilities for sports, leisure and cultural activities.

In connection with pre-studies, design, specification and tendering it is our experience, that customers’ satisfaction with the final result is highest, when the future users participate as much as possible. We therefore make an effort of involving users already in the initial project phase in order to meet their wishes and requests. Our mutual cooperation is based on negotiation, dialogue and trust.

From tender and design to inspection of electrical installations

On the basis of our initial studies, we design the electrical installations and prepare tender material with drawings, detailed descriptions and quotation lists. During the construction period, we supervise the ongoing work to ensure that the installations are carried out according to the drawings and descriptions. We record any eventual amendments that may arise during the construction, and prepare “as built” documentation, which is handed to the owner, when the construction work has been finalized.

Finally, we also conduct 1 and 5 year warranty inspections of the electrical installations and make sure that any eventual shortages or defects are remedied.


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