Intelligent Building Automation

You can save energy without compromising on the indoor climate, if you let an "intelligent" building automation system control the light, heat and ventilation plus fire and security systems.

Requirements for comfort and flexibility at home, in the workplace, child-care institutions etc. have never been higher. Therefore, the use of intelligent building automation is more relevant than ever to help control and adjust the buildings’ technical equipment in new as well as older buildings.

Intelligent building automation is an advanced electrical installation, which can be programmed from central hold to control a building’s electrical installations such as indoor and out door lamps. With the help of sensors, the automation system can control and adjust the lighting according to time of the day, the amount of incoming day light and/or the presence of people or animals. In addition to this, the system can be linked to the heating and ventilation systems, window blinds plus various security systems e.g. for fire protection and burglar alarm.

Balslev has vast experience in detail design and specification of intelligent building automation systems – always in close dialogue with the customer and daily users to ensure that all needs and requirements are met.

Balslev’s services

Our BMS consulting services cover  the entire project process – from idea and detail specification and implementation to construction management, co-ordination and supervision.

Throughout the project, we act as the link between the client and all other parties involved.


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