Corrosion protection

Balslev is among the world's leading consultants within corrosion protection of pipelines. We also provide advise in areas such as protection of concrete structures and metallic systems below ground.

Our expertise in this area, the result of numerous projects carried out since the 1950’ies experience, includes:

  • Cathodic protection of oil and gas pipelines, casing pipes, tank farms and foundations for off-shore wind turbines
  • AC corrosion and preventive measures against induced voltage in pipelines
  • Protection against corrosion in metallic pipelines, cable mantles and steel coated constructions like railway and metro tunnels, as a result of stray current
  • Prevention of corrosion in concrete structures for swimming pools, large buildings etc.

We offer a range of customized solutions in connection with AC and DC interference plus corrosion protection of structures in the ground, sea water and concrete, e.g.:

  • Integrity studies
  • Engineering
  • Risk analysis
  • Investigation and calculations of interference (AC and DC)
  • Calculation of the impact on structures from HVDC-systems
  • Evaluation of corrosion risk.

In the matter of measurement and monitoring of corrosion we have a close co-operation with our associated company MetriCorr

Cathodic protection & pipeline integrity

Balslev is among the leading experts within cathodic corrosion protection and pipeline integrity.

With our long, solid experience in this area Balslev is among the global leaders in consulting related to cathodic protection of metallic structures and pipeline integrity. Companies in Denmark as well as abroad therefore often seek our advice in these matters.

We master all aspects within cathodic protection, e.g.:

  • Project engineering
  • Renovation and upgrading
  • Supervision
  • Ordinary control measurements.
Pipeline integrity

When metallic structures like pipelines, cables and communication wires are located in the proximity of high voltage cables, it poses several risks:

  • High voltage could be induced on the pipeline in case of faults in the high voltage lines, making it very dangerous to touch
  • Under normal condition of the high voltage lines AC-voltage could be induced on the pipeline, and under special circumstances this could lead to an accelerated corrosion process.

As a part of pipeline integrity we perform calculations related to:

  • Metallic pipeline systems
  • Communication systems

  • Other infrastructure like e.g. cable systems.
We take active part in norms for cathodic corrosion protection

In addition, our experts contribute to standards and norms in the area in both Denmark and abroad.

Stray currents

Protection against dangerous touch voltage and elimination of stray currents.

A stray current (interference) is an electric current which goes through other metallic structures than the intended conductors. Balslev performs control and measurements plus initiate other measures to eliminate dangerous touch voltages and stray currents in connection with electrified railways, pipeline systems and high voltage systems etc.

Avoid the risk of corrosion

Large infrastructural systems such as electrified railways can pose a risk of dangerous touch voltage and/or stray currents on nearby electrical conductive structures. This applies to e.g. railway stations plus other large infrastructural systems like district heating pipes plus oil and gas pipelines. In these areas, stray currents can lead to corrosion of the pipelines - and in the worst case cause danger for people and installations.

Our electrical engineers possess vast experience in dealing with such undesired voltages and currents, and advise our customers how to avoid or reduce these. In co-operation with HMN Natural gas (formerly HNG) we have conducted a comprehensive analysis and measurements to detect the existance of stray current in natural gas pipelines. Among other things we perform measurements to determine if stray currents are present and to find their origins. Our services typically include:

  • Pipeline integrity calculations
  • Conceptual and basic design
  • Detail design and tender materials
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning, control measurements and reporting.


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