Our expertise includes heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation plus other systems for both administration buildings, production and the health sector. In both new and existing systems we focus on the design, budget, indoor climate and the environment.

Balslev offers design and consulting services for all types of new and existing HVAC systems. We provide professional consulting and assume the roles as e.g.:

  • Project managers
  • Project engineers
  • Technical consultants as part of a consulting team.

We offer our customers safe, well proven and tested solutions with special emphasis on operational costs and reliability, innovation, energy optimisation, durable materials and sustainability – without compromising on the indoor or working climate.

Cost-benefit analyses plus optimisation of energy and operational costs

When dealing with complicated projects and assignments, Balslev has a tradition for incorporating solid, operational and reliable solutions. To achieve this, we prefer to be involved in a project as early as possible, and to have a close dialogue with the customer about topics like the choice of materials plus environmental and energy concerns. Through early project involvement we can contribute to a better operating economy, and thereby a significantly improved overall economy.

In addition, many customers draw on our expertise for review of existing installations and suggestions for energy optimisation, estimation of remaining lifespan and savings on operational costs – all of which results in measurable economical gains for the client.

We also perform cost-benefit analyses in connection with modifications of existing systems, new systems etc.

Drainage and sewerage

Balslev offers consulting and design services in connection with the establishment and refurbishment of drainage and sewerage systems.

In many areas drainage systems have for a long time been neglected. Balslev are among the many who therefore encourage autothorities and owners to give higher priority to this area, as defect sewerage systems can have serious consequences. We are happy to share our knowledge about common or dedicated systems for rain water, percolage, sewage water etc.

We have substantial experience with drainage systems and support clients with advice and detailed design in connection with establishment and refurbishment of drainage systems. Among other things, we consider aspects such as:

  • Suitable pipe materials, sound transmission, temperatures and pH values
  • Life time optimisation
  • Maintenance procedures for a complete drainage system.

We take on responsibility for all project types and phases in connectin with new, retrofit or worn out drainage and sewerage systems, including:

  • Review of existing drainage and sewerage systems
  • Needs analysis and specification of requirements
  • Design and specification
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Commissioning and documentation
  • Preparation of operational and maintenance plans.

We prefer to be involved in the construction process as early as possible to ensure that the customer gets the most desirable solution with regards to the surrounding environment and the project's budget.

The optimum result is achieved by prioritising a continuous, cross-disciplinary dialogue with all involved parties.

Specific projects
  • Nimbusparken Nursing Home
  • Karlslunde Animal Hospital
  • Slagelse Hospital
  • Bispebjerg Hospital
  • Copenhagen University Hospital
  • Herlev Hospital
  • Svalely Senior Housing & Sheltered Housing Units
All types of buildings

Balslev's HVAC engineers posses vast experience with many different types of buildings:

  • Business enterprises
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Residential properties
  • Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Utility water and treated water

When designing systems for normal utility water and processed water for industrial use we focus on health, sustainability and operational costs

We design a variety of different types of water installations, including:

  • Normal utility water for domestic use, companies, schools and nursing homes
  • Advanced special installations and processing plants for hospitals, the pharmaceutical and food
    manufacturing industries.

Our HVAC engineers' wide experience cover the following systems:

  • Hot and cold utility/tap water
  • Ion-water and double ion-exchanged water
  • Desalinated water
  • Osmosis water
  • Sterile and demineralised water
  • WFI-water (water for injection)
  • Dialysis water
  • Purified water
  • Coolant water

When designing water systems we consider all components i.e.:

  • What treatment systems are required?
  • Which types of tanks, pipe materials and pumps are most suited?
  • Temperature regulation and sanitary possibilities
  • How can the risk of legionnella be minimised?

Our solutions are optimised in regards to maintenance, operational costs, balancing and corrosion protection, plus energy consumption.

As an example, when renovating old utility water systems it might be advantageous to convert to electric tracing, where the temperature is maintained using heated cables instead of a circulation pump.

Specific references
  • Statens Serum Institut
  • Nimbusparken nursing home
  • Bispebjerg Hospital
  • Copenhagen University Hospital
  • Herlev Hospital
  • Risø, The Technical University of Denmark
  • Consulting
  • Project design
  • Warranty and building inspections
  • Condition assessment
Related topics
  • Energy labelling
  • Energy optimisation
  • Intelligent building installations

Heating systems

We design and specify all types of heating systems based on oil, gas, solar, district heating, recovery etc. – always with a focus on optimum indoor climate and low energy consumption.

Balslev is at the forefront when it comes to the selection and installation of both traditional and an ever increasing degree of alternative heat producing systems for large buildings. We also provide consulting and engineering services for retrofits and energy optimisations.

Our HVAC engineers' experience with heating systems includes:

  • Oil and gas heated systems
  • District heating systems
  • Solar and geothermal heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Hot air systems
  • Heating system based on straw, wood chips and biogas
  • Heating systems with various combinations of the above systems.
Energy efficient heating systems combined with e.g. renewable energy

Traditional heating systems, typically based on oil or natural gas, are always planned, retrofitted and optimised as energy efficiently as possible, and with a focus on both installation and operating costs plus good indoor climate.

We can also investigate the possibility of establishing a hybrid system consisting of an alternative heat generating system, based e.g. on solar energy or biomass, and with the support of conventional systems. We also design heat systems based entirely on renewable energy sources without any heat supplement from fossil fuels.

Specific references
  • Nimbusparken Nursing Home
  • Bispebjerg Hospital
  • Copenhagen University Hospital
  • Herlev Hospital
  • Risø, the Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy.
  • Consulting
  • Design and specification
  • Construction and project management
  • Balancing and control
  • Warrantee inspection
  • Condition assessment.
Related topics
  • Energy labelling
  • Energy optimisation
  • Intelligent building installations


Balslev projekterer både almindelig komfortventilation og avanceret proces- og renrumsventilation med fokus på optimalt indeklima og lavt energiforbrug.

På ventilationsområdet har Balslev meget stor erfaring, både med enkle anlæg og komplekse installationer på fx hospitaler, renrumslaboratorier, produktionsområder og andre steder, hvor der stilles ekstra store krav til luftens renhed, temperatur- og fugtindhold.

Også mere almindelig komfortventilation på skoler, plejehjem, kontorer mv. ligger inden for vores kompetenceområde.

Vi projekterer mange forskellige typer ventilationsanlæg fx:

  • Komfortventilation
  • Procesventilation fx sløjdlokaler, svejsesug, laboratorier, malerfirmaer
  • Brandventilation
  • Renrumsventilation
  • Operationsstuer med laminar air flow (LAF)
  • Kirurgiske sug
Ventilation med minimalt energiforbrug uden trækgener

Da ventilation kan være meget energikrævende, lægger vi altid stor vægt på, at nye anlæg udformes, så energiforbruget minimeres. Dette gør vi ved i udstrakt grad at:

  • Anvende højeffektive, regulérbare ventilationsaggregater
  • Installere forskellige typer genvindingssystemer
  • Optimere driftstider evt. i kombination med bevægelsesfølere

Vi sikrer dog altid, at de opstillede krav til luftskifte, temperatur, fugt, CO2 indhold samt støj ligger inden for de aftalte grænser, og at bygningens brugere ikke oplever gener.


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