Power Quality Measurement


If problems with the power supply are experienced, or if the electrical equipment needs more maintenance than expected, it all can be result of a poor power quality.

Focusing on saving power, our electricity consumption has changed over the last decade. New and more energy efficient types of loads are installed uncritically in both the households and in large production companies. New energy efficient loads can cause disturbances to the consumer’s electrical system. The disturbances spread to the grid, and can affect the neighbor’s electrical system as well.

A poor power quality results in more maintenance of electrical equipment, less efficient exploitation of electrical equipment, and a less reliable power supply. In worst case a poor power quality may lead to shutdown of the power supply, which could cause major losses for the consumer.
If a power quality problem is detected, a measurement may determine whether or not the power quality is impaired. At Balslev, we perform this type of power quality measurement, and assist the costumer finding the solution if the power quality is impaired.

Please contact: Casper Malmros Jensen, phone: +45 7217 7300, e-mail: cmje@balslev.dk


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