About Balslev

On the backdrop as one of Denmark's strongest consulting companies within electrical engineering for generations, Balslev has a broad expertise and long experience in the technical engineering disciplines.

Our work is always guided by the goal of providing our customers innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions – on time, within budget and according to the quality agreed upon.

As the developer’s representative we don’t just provide advice, project engineering and technical design, related to electrical installations, energy and HVAC. Customers in many sectors in Denmark and abroad draw on our expertise within communication and IT, fire protection and burglar alarm systems, intelligent building installations, traffic technology, plus automation, where we can also provide turnkey solutions. Within the area of cathodic corrosion protection we are among the world’s leading experts.

Managing tendersconstruction management, cross-disciplinary project management and safety management are, combined with energy optimisation, also some of Balslev’s key competencies.

Ownership and employees

The company was established in 1939 by engineer Mogens Balslev. In 1973 it was turned into a private limited company, which today is owned by Ripaille Holding A/S (85%) and Mogens Balslev’s Foundation (15%).

Balslev employs approx. 60 people in Denmark at our offices in Glostrup and Viborg. See our addresses

Sometimes employees are also outsourced to customers, who for a period of time need extra engineering assistance either in Denmark or abroad.

Our primary business areas
  • Health sector
  • Energy supply
  • Infrastructure
  • Renewable energy and energy optimisation
  • Industry
  • Automation

Vision and mission

Balslev aims to contribute to solving a great number of the big challenges we as a society face in connection with environment, construction, electrical power supply, climate, nature and energy. We deliver independent consulting services, planning and design as well as project management within all the common engineering disciplines such as e.g. electrical power, HVAC & water, construction, IT & communication as well as automation.

Our expertise also comprises innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions within Intelligent Building Automation, energy supply, security and transportation, corrosion protection, hospital planning and energy optimization.


Our vision is to create the sustainable and intelligent solutions of tomorrow.


As consulting engineers we assist our customers in realizing the vistas of the future.

Management and board of directors

Balslev A/S Management group
  • Henrik Rosenberg, CEO
Board of Directors for Balslev A/S
  • Henrik Holmblad, lawyer, chairman
  • Karina Thomsen, vice chairman
  • AndersThomsen
  • Lars Dam Rasmussen
  • Henrik Roseberg
  • Carsten Sass Husum
Staff elected board members
  • Niels Linding Kristensen, Project Engineer

The fundamental will to behave properly towards customers, employees and society is part of Balslev’s history. In order to ensure continuous proper conduct, all employees are instructed in our code of conduct, which is an integrated part of our organisation.

Our Code of Conduct represents our wishes for the conduct of business by Balslevs employees, in order to prevent corrupt or fraudulent behavior. It sets the general guidelines, which must be met in order to comply with our ethical standards in terms of good conduct of business.

Our Code of Conduct is based on international guidelines, developed by the UN Global Compact. Read more about the Global Compact principles.

Innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions are some of the reasons why many customers choose Balslev – time and time again. But there are many other good reasons for working with us.

According to our customers and employees, these are some of the special characteristics of Balslev:

  • Substantial specialist knowledge, broad competencies and long, solid experience within many areas
  • Besides fulfilling our specific, agreed assignments, we also share our experience and offer advice when we come across other topics, where we can contribute with ideas or solutions
  • We listen carefully to our customers and their requirements
  • As the client’s extended arm, we provide supplier independent advice and solutions
  • Strong, long-term customer relations and deep insight into the customers’ own systems
  • User-driven solutions, thanks to a close dialogue with users right from the very beginning
  • Excellent co-operation and coordination with other consultants, architects, contractors and suppliers
  • We propose and design sustainable, holistic and future-proof solutions – and are not afraid to engage in discussions with the client to reach the optimum solution
  • Fully capable of developing solutions as well as managing processes
  • It is not about size  – it’s about commitment
  • We work equally committed on both small and large projects.

Balslev’s quality management system has been constantly developed over a number of years and is incorporated in our daily consulting, project engineering and supervisory work.

Our quality management system covers all phases of project engineering and supervisory work, from the start of the project to the end of the contractor’s warranty period.

The objectives of the system

The quality management system’s overall purpose is to ensure that our customers get:

  • The agreed project at the agreed price through continuous and documented quality control throughout the entire project
  • Systematic and uniform project planning and execution
  • A systematic method to manage interfaces with other consultants and parties involved in the project
  • Any eventual changes or deviations in the project are identified at an early stage in order to minimize influence on the time schedule as well as financial consequences.

Balslev’s quality control system comprises a quality management manual, a project management manual – specific to each project – plus internal quality control ­procedures and specifications.

Besides the technical aspects, our focus on safety is paramount. A key indication of a project’s success is when no work related accidents or incidents have occured.

In order to construct and hand over a building, a system or a plant to the client without any work related safety incidents, accidents or near misses, we cannot just rely on luck.  A safe working environment requires both precise planning of the different processes, a generally high safety awareness and constant follow-up at building sites, industrial plants, railways plus other sites and work locations.

It is not enough to possess solid experience in managing safety at building sites. As new procedures and building materials emerge on the market, it is necessary to continually update the individual project manager’s and construction manager’s skills. Balslev ensure this through internal and external courses plus knowledge sharing.

When we manage projects for customers in areas with special safety requirements like e.g. railways, airports and in the oil/gas industry, our employees participate in relevant safety courses. And many employees attend regular, legally required safety courses, e.g. in areas related to power supply.

Several Balslev employees are trained safety co-ordinators, and more will continuously be trained.

Environmental management and quality control

Sustainability and environmental concern are also key elements in Balslev’s quality control system, which describes how we continually document quality control and environmental management throughout the entire project.

Risk management in hazardous areas

We also assist companies working with flammable materials in risk assessment, area classification, documentation and training of employees in order to comply with the requirements of the EU’s ATEX-directive.