World-class test facilities - for students and researchers in electrotechnics.

A unique experimental platform

The entire electrotechnical business now has a unique experimental platform called PowerLab DK at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Students, researchers and not least the electrotechnical industry are now able to develop, test and demonstrate SmartGrid technologies for the intelligent electrical systems of the future – in laboratories as well as in pilot studies and in full scale. Besides the large Smart Grid models and permanent energy systems, it will also be possible to test other technologies and components in PowerLabDK.

PowerLabDK is funded by EUDP, Green Labs DK, regional growth fora, the Danish energy traders and industry as well as the PowerLabDK-parties.

PowerLabDK is a platform for experimental testing, trials and demonstration of technologies, which will contribute to the implementation of the Danish climate objectives and the long-term objective of an energy supply without fossil fuels.

User involvement throughout the entire process

Balslev has been responsible for the building owner consulting in connection with the overall structural renovation of the building and the establishment of the new laboratory facilities. According to Balslev’s building owner consultant, Asger Illum, the conversion of the previous laboratory into a future-orientated test centre has succeeded by means of a constructive dialogue with the users of the building throughout the entire process.

”I’m very proud to be a part of the realization of PowerLabDK. It is a unique project, and the new facilities provide optimal possibilities for testing and developing the intelligent electrical systems of the future. As building owner consultant, one of the challenges has been to clarify the numerous technical wishes and demands of the users and place them in the right context. Furthermore, the preparation/analysis of all details and holding the user group to the conclusion. “We succeeded in putting the theory of an open environment and large scale test facility into practice,” says Asger Illum from Balslev Consulting Engineers.

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