Energy Supply

We support the energy sector with a number of assignments related to the production, transmission, distribution and allocation of energy, ensuring realiable operation, security of supply and energy optimisation.

Balslev provide a wide range of services within the electro-technical field with emphasis on high voltage and heavy duty installations. In addition, we provide all services related to automation, control, regulation, monitoring and energy optimisation of systems and processes within the power producing industry. We also provide general support within all areas of ventilation, plumbing and piping.

Our services and competencies especially relevant for utilities and energy suppliers include:

  • Wind turbines, wind parks and grid connections
  • High voltage transformer stations and distribution systems
  • Diesel generators
  • Cathodic protection and proximity calculations
  • Lightning protection and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Power quality control, harmonic currents, transient analysis
  • Selectivity analysis and protective relay coordination
  • Electrical simulations and calculations
  • Earthing and voltage potential equalisation
  • Instrumentation, process control, regulation and monitoring
  • ATEX and fire protection
  • Protection of people and assets
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing
  • Structures and foundations

Oil, natural gas & biogas

Balslev supports transmission companies, producers and distributors of oil, natural gas and biogas with services that ensure the consumer a safe and reliable energy supply: Operation and monitoring, electrical systems, plus corrosion protection of pipelines.

Balslev has more than 40 years of experience in consulting and project engineering within the oil and gas sector. We are a solid and reliable partner, also when it comes to technical consulting related to new systems, retrofits, phasing out, operation and maintenance of complicated plants and systems, which are highly critical to the well functioning of our society.

These include energy plants based on fossil fuel such as oil and natural gas as well as biogas and bio mass.

Our services for the oil and gas sector typically include:

  • Corrosion protection of metallic structures and pipe systems, on-shore and off-shore
  • Measurements on systems for cathodic corrosion protection
  • Assessment of the proximity conditions between e.g. high voltage cables and pipelines
  • Consulting about preventative measures to protect pipelines from electrical interference
  • Instrumentation for process plants plus transmission and distribution systems
  • SCADA systems for supervisory control and data acquisition plus control, regulation and monitoring of process and distribution systems
  • Electrical installations, switchboard systems and back-up power systems for refineries, gas storage, measurement, regulating and compressor stations
  • Lightning protection of e.g. pipe installations, tank systems and process systems
  • Localisation of underground oil and gas pipes plus electrical cables
  • EX and ATEX classification of potentially hazardous areas to evaluate the risk of explosion, the need for documentation etc.
  • Project management in connection with Pipeline Integrity Management tasks such as Intelligent Pigging, where pipelines are inspected from the inside for possible weaknesses with the use of a so-called 'pig'
  • Recovery of waste heat and flue gas from industrial and process plants plus bio mass fuelled power plants.
Specific references
  • HydroStatoil refinery
  • The Building Services Organisation of the Danish Defence
  • The Danish Oil Reserve Stock Association (FDO)
  • HMN Natural gas (formerly HNG)
  • DONG Energy
For more information about
  • Corrosion protection
  • Automation
  • Earthing and lightning protection
  • Stray currents
  • SRO
Biogas - a sustainable contributor

At Balslev we consider natural gas an important and essential element in the change of our energy production and consumption towards sources with less emission of CO2.
Biogas will, as an obvious supplement to natural gas, also contribute as a valuable energy ressource.

District heating

Producers and distributors of district heating rely on Balslev for a number of services related to:

  • Grid connection to the district heating network
  • Connection exchanges and switchgear installations
  • Management, regulation and monitoring
  • Cathodic corrosion protection
  • Pipeline integrity calculations
  • Investigations in connection with electrical feedback on district heating installations.

District heating plants that replace fossil fuel with bio fuel can convert flue gas into heat and electricity with the ORC method In Denmark politicians encourage power plants to use bio fuel like wood chips, straw, wooden pellets, willow, animal manure or garden waste instead of coal to produce heat.

When decentral heating plants are retrofitted to use bio mass as fuel it might be feasible to consider installing an ORC unit for recovery of the plant's flue gas. ORC is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle process, which is especially suited for smaller, combined cycle power plants. The ORC process is an efficient, clean and reliable recovery method to save energy, costs and CO2.

Thanks to our competencies and solid experience within power supply and industrial automation solutions, Balslev offers both consultancy, design and turnkey supply of ORC units for industrial plants and combined power plants.

Read more about ORC for recovery of waste heat and flue gas.

Specific references
  • Vestforbrænding, a waste incineration and heat production plant in Copenhagen
  • AffaldVarme (Waste-to-heat) Aarhus
  • Copenhagen Heating Transmission company (CTR)

Wind Energy

Balslev contributes to the design of wind turbines and wind farms, and thereby help fulfil many people's desire to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy from the wind in order to reduce e.g. CO2 emissions.

Balslev has many years of experience with wind energy projects - both related to the wind turbine itself and to the entire wind farm i.e. cabling between the wind turbines and potential transformer platforms. Our competencies include both design, specification and project management plus handling of technical interfaces. In addition, we perform electrical simulations to check the conditions under which a wind farm is connected to the distribution grid to ensure that local grid codes are met.

For offshore projects we design electrical systems and auxiliary systems for transformer platforms and electrical systems (transition pieces) in connection with cabling to wind farms. These services includes, among other things:

  • Design of electrical systems - from high to low voltage
  • Lighting and backup power supply
  • Lightning and transient overvoltage protection
  • Safety installations like video surveillance (CCTV)

In connection with electrical systems, we perform calculations of faulty currents with subsequent selectivity analysis and relay settings.

For wind turbines we provide a range of services such as:

  • Design of machinery transformers with related protection equipment
  • Preparation of material for ”Failure mode and effects analysis” (FMEA)
  • Design verification and validation procedures
  • Definition of electrical and mechanical interfaces plus co-ordination of these.
Specific projects
Our services for auxiliary systems etc.

In terms of auxiliary systems for offshore transformer platforms we design e.g.:

  • Oil/water separators and related pipe systems
  • Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC)
  • Backup power supply with diesel generators and UPS
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Fire protection, including pipe systems
  • Planning of emergency exits
  • Earthing systems
Knowledge transfer to China

Balslev's experts have assisted Chinese authorities in developing norms and standards for wind farm connections to the electricity grid.

Solar Power

Solar energy is an excellent environmental friendly alternative to fossil fuel for the production of electricity, heat and hot water. Consult us for advice already in the design phase.

In connection with energy optimisation, refurbishment or planning and design of new constructions it is highly relevant to consider solar energy as part of the complete energy solution.

Balslev provides consultancy and project engineering for solar energy solutions such as:

  • Fluid based thermal solar panels, which contribute to the production of hot water and heating of larger buildings
  • Photo voltaic solar energy systems for electricity production.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Recommendation of the most suited type of solar energy solution
  • Dimensioning
  • Connection to the other building installations
  • Integration with other systems for control and adjustment of the energy consumption and indoor climate e.g. by use of a central building management system (BMS) plus other kinds of intelligent building automation

Energy production based on solar cells is just one of the areas in which Balslev offers expertise and solutions which help owners fulfil their objective of low energy and CO2 neutral buildings and constructions.


Balslev provides knowledge and solutions to optimize plants, which produce various kinds of bio fuel for heating, electricity and transportation purposes.

In view of the future prospects, impacted by the greenhouse effect plus the world's dependency on crude oil from some of the world's hotspots, it makes sense in many ways to consider alternatives to the traditionel fossil fuels such as carbon, oil and gas. One such alternative is bio fuel, either in liquid, gaseous or solid form:

  • Liquid bio fuels such as rape (canola) oil, bio diesel and ethanol are mainly used for transportation
  • Solid bio fuels – wet and dry wood chips, straw, wooden pellets, willow, animal manure, waste water solids or organic garden waste - as well as gaseous bio fuels are utilized for heat and electricity production.

Many types of bio fuel are waste and residue from other types of production e.g. within farming, forestry or industrial production. When crops are cultivated for the sole purpose of being used as bio fuel, it is characterized as agro fuel. Examples of crops for agro fuels include rape, corn and soy beans.

Balslev assist manufacturers as well as consumers of bio fuel within farming, industrial and energy production with consulting, design and turnkey supplies.

Our core competencies in this area comprise the knowledge associated with the processes and plants necessary to convert bio fuel into gas, pellets, oil etc. - or related to its final form as heat or electrical energy. Our experience when it comes to process technology is quite wide and versatile, enabling us to gather insight and experience from many different industries, thereby contributing with knowhow and technology.

In addition to our competencies concerning process and construction, we also provide solutions for automation of manual, labour-intensive or hazardeous processes - both for the purpose of saving resources and optimizing safety plus reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission.


Carsten Sass Husum
Head of department, Energy