Everyone benefits from our experience and insight into our customer's systems and new materials, when we conduct projects related to airports, railways, metros, plus road and traffic facilities.

Mobility is a fundamental requirement for our modern lifestyle, and the demands for efficient transport possibilities are increasing. We travel more than ever, and that pushes the infrastructure to the limit in many ways. These days there is a constant need to optimise utilization rates, while at the same time minimizing transportation times as much as possible – both aspects with the least amount of inconvenience for all stakeholders.

Ever since its foundation in 1939, Balslev has been involved in all kinds of infrastructure projects. Our expertise includes a wide range of assignments within technical traffic systems, which are described in the following pages:

  • Airport installations
  • Railway systems
  • Land-based facilities and tunnels
  • Road and traffic systems,e.g. parking systems, toll-bars and traffic information systems

We assist both public and private owners in the implementation of complicated technical traffic systems with e.g.:

  • Consulting
  • Plan­ning
  • Project engineering, co-ordination and control
  • Inspection and implementation.

In the area of airport installations, we have solved many assignments – both nationally and internationally.

Solutions are created in close co-operation with our customers. We strive to meet all wishes and requirements, and offer comprehensive consulting based on our experiences with the customers’ systems.

We keep updated with new construction methods and new materials to ensure that we always propose the most optimal and sustinable solutions for our customer.

Charge spots for electric cars

Along with the increasing use of electric cars, charge spots are needed in the public sphere, at private companies and in residential areas. For the establishment of charge spots for electric cars, Balslev can contribute with e.g.:

  • Needs analysis
  • Design and specification
  • Supervision & commissioning
  • Documentation

Airport installations

Throughout many years Balslev has built up a unique expertise in various types of airport installations, both nationally and internationally.

With our solid experience and wide competencies within airport installations we are the right choice as a partner for large as well as smaller assignments, e.g. within air side installations and terminal buildings.

We possess thorough knowledge of the many diverse and specialised systems and installations necessary to operate a modern airport.

Our services range from consulting to project engineering, construction management and inspection.

We have carried out numerous airport projects both domestically in Denmark, Greenland and The Faeroe Islands, as well as abroad in e.g. Norway, Ireland, Sct. Petersburg, the Republic of Moldova, Zambia, Bangladesh and Surinam.

Railway Systems

Balslev provides consulting, project engineering and supervision on installations in railway systems and in the construction of metros.

Many years of experience in working with railways enables us to help public transport companies plan, co-ordinate and manage the implementation of the technical systems connected with railways and metros. We emphasize achieving the right solution in close co-operation with our customer, where we take into consideration e.g.:

  • Requirements and safety
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Flexibility and functionality
  • Intelligent solutions.

We supply both electrical, mechanical and managerial services and provide specialists in a wide range of areas:

  • Electrical supply and lighting
  • High voltage systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • Cable routing
  • Earthing system (immunisation against track earthing)
  • Stray currents
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Fuse systems
  • Track change heat
  • Disposition of technical sheds
  • Radio communication
  • Telephone and information network
  • Passenger information systems
  • Fire protection and access control systems
  • Safety lighting
  • Energy optimisation
  • Sewerage and drainage
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings and sheds
  • Plumbing installations
  • Mast calculations
  • Building statistics
  • Foundations
  • Cross disciplinary project management
  • Construction management and supervision
Specific references
  • DSB Eldeling
  • The Øresund Bridge
  • Kastrup Station
  • The Copenhagen Metro and its new city circle ring
  • Tne Circle line of the Copenhagen S-train
  • The Danish public transportation company DSB - HPFI updating
  • The Danish state railways (Banedanmark) - spare sparts for fuse sheds and investigation of stray currents

Road, traffic and parking systems

Operational safety, economy and user friendliness are key words when it comes to installations for traffic systems for e.g. access control and parking.

Our solid expertise within traffic systems includes e.g. work with complete parking systems, access control, toll-bar and counter systems for information to road users about vacant parking spaces. We can solve all the tasks connected with such systems.

We emphasize reaching the best solution for the customer, both technically and economically. Close dialogue with all involved parties - right from the developer to the end-user - is paramount throughout the process, which ranges from consulting and project engineering to inspection.

For the Copenhagen Airport, Balslev was involved in developing an Internet portal for information about parking spaces in the parking areas at Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup.

Specific references
  • Parking at the shopping centre SlotsArkaderne, Hillerød
  • Europark
  • Copenhagen Airport Parking
  • Copenhagen Airports
  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Oslo

Land-based facilities and tunnels

Knowledge about logistics and engineering in connection with construction of land-based facilities and tunnels is also among Balslev's key competences.

We solve assignments related to both mechanical and electrical systems within many different systems such as:

  • High voltage current systems for technical installations related to railway tracks
  • Radio communication
  • Security systems
  • Cable routing
  • Potential equalisation
  • Ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Sewerage, drainage and drains
  • Lighting systems
  • High and low voltage systems
  • Emergency power supply system
  • Traffic information boards
  • Camera surveillance CCTV
  • CTS and SCADA systems for monitoring and control
  • Technical parking equipment.

Our assignments vary in size and extent, but typically include:

  • Developer consulting
  • Tendering
  • Review of quotations
  • Planning
  • Project management/construction management
  • Supervision.
Specific references
  • The Øresund Link
  • The Øresund tunnel
  • The Copenhagen Metro
  • Metro City Circle
  • Traffic regulation, information boards


Birger Dissing Nielsen
Senior project manager, Traffic systems
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