The Silo

The Silo - Industrial silo transformed into luxury apartments

The silo with the large painted tag “Hva drikker Mølr” – was a well-known building for people living in Copenhagen and an icon for Nordhavnen.

The Silo is the largest industrial building in Nordhavn and has a slim and elegant design that rises like a landmark – just where Øresund meets Copenhagen.

The intention behind this project was to maintain the silo’s well-known identity but at the same time renew and transform the building into a new and characteristic landmark for Nordhavn. The large concrete construction has become the identity of the building. To preserve the identity of the silo in the transformation and reprogramming of The Silo, it has been essential to keep up this character instead of transforming and reprogramming the building into something new and unrecognisable.

The Silo project created 40 unique residences. All the apartments have a unique and extraordinary water view to Øresund and the Copenhagen Skyline as well as optimal daylight conditions. As the original concrete structure of the building is exposed in the apartments, each apartment bear witness of the history of the The Silo.

An “add-on” box is placed on the top of The Silo. In the “add-on” box a restaurant  as well as conference functions is placed. The “add-on” box is open to the public and offers the visitors a great panoramic water view of Øresund and a view of the city of Copenhagen. It is called “360 degrees Nordhavnen”.

The lobby is stripped for its old closed concrete facade, and a new open glass facade is mounted. This solution opens up the building for the public, who are invited inside, where it is possible to experience The Silo’s original concrete construction. Here a gallery/event space is placed – as well as a café .


Balslev carries out building consultancy as well as all engineering design disciplines of the project.

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