As the client's representative and advisor we use our wide competencies and vast experience to reach the right solution. We also make sure that the project is implemented on time, within budget and according to high standards.

With more than 70 years of experience Balslev is one of Denmark’s oldest consulting engineering companies. We therefore posess in-depth knowledge of how to provide our customers with the optimum services during all phases of a project.

A thorough dialogue with the client to define the exact requirements and create an overview of about different possible and relevant solutions are the first steps in an ongoing process. In this sense Balslev acts as a proactive partner, who ensures that quality standards, budget agreements and deadlines are met.

Experts with up to date knowledge in many expertise areas

Our employees keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, legislation and requirements – in particular with regards to sustainable and energy efficient solutions which are today mandatory requirements for all new buildings as well as retrofits.

We update our knowledge through courses as well as through the experience we gain from participating in technologically advanced projects, like for example hospitals and for the industrial sector.

Thanks to the fact that Balslev’s employees possess very different competencies within a wide range of subject areas it is always possible to locate a specialist with substatial experience in a specific type of project – whether you are looking for an expert within construction, automation or energy optimisation.

What is good consulting?

We strive to always live up to Balslev’s own definition of good consulting: We help our customers to make and implement the decisions, they would have taken themselves if they had possessed the same level of expertise and experience as we do.


Mogens Thrane
Chief Consultant
7217 7217


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