Risk assessment and quality assurance

Assessing and limiting risk, combined with experience and quality assurance, are important prerequisites for a safe, successful project - and a satisfied customer.

Quality assurance of one’s own as well as sub-contractors’ deliverables are basic elements of the projects in which Balslev participate, typically in the roles as project engineers, project and/or construction managers and safety co-ordinators in projects related to construction, energy supply and automation. During the initial stage, we also carry out an assessment of possible risks related to the project execution in close co-operation with all involved parties.

Risk assessment

The purpose of the risk assessment is to uncover potential risks, to prioritise these and identify preventative measures for each of the identified risks. We assess which risks are the most critical in relation to the project execution, and identify strategies to overcome and reduce these. The risk level is determined of the basis of the probability that an incident will occur plus the consequence of the actual incident in question.

We proactively strive to make sure that we avoid or reduce identified risks through the implementation of :

  • Preventive measures, which reduce the probability of the identifed problem from arising
  • Remedies, which can minimize the consequences of a potential incident.
Quality assurance

Our objective is to ensure that our customer gets:

  • The agreed solution at the agreed time and price by continuous and documented quality control during the entire project
  • Systematic and uniform planning and execution of the project
  • A systematic method to manage interfaces with other consultants and parties involved in the project
  • Early identification and communication about possible changes to and deviations in the project, to minimize influence on the time schedule as well as financial consequences.

Our risk assessment and quality assurance is based on Balslev’s internal systems, which are structured according to the requirements of DS/EN ISO9001 plus guidelines from the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.

Risk management in hazardous areas

We also assist companies working with flammable materials in risk assessment, area classification plus documentation and training of employees in order to comply with the requirements of the EU’s ATEX-directive.


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